About Things Gallery

Things Gallery was created in 2010 by San Diego-based luxury interior designer Gary Gruzd. Gary heard several stories from his clients about how difficult it was to source gorgeous, high-end décor and items for their homes without his expertise. He was inspired to create Things Gallery, a website where consumers could find the perfect luxury products they desire for their homes, all conveniently located in one easy place.

Gary has taken the guesswork out of searching for furniture, home decor, and collectibles by creating a convenient website that will help you source all that you need for your home or collection in one stop.
Whether searching for the perfect piece of furniture to enhance your home or a gift for a friend who adores all things luxury and high-end decor, Things Gallery is the perfect place to find what you are looking for.

Consumers will no longer have to hunt around the internet to source the one piece of furniture that will perfectly match their home. Gary has a unique perspective and an eye for spotting amazing designs. He has spent hours gathering and curating this assortment of products to ensure that you can find precisely the item you're looking for (and even a few you didn't know you needed).

In addition to providing decor and furniture, Things Gallery also offers a wide variety of collectibles and memorabilia that any vintage lover, collector, or antique hunter would be thrilled to add to their collection.
If you're interested in finding a specific item or placing an order, you can contact us by emailing ThingsGallery@gmail.com or calling (858) 735-6435.